Cape Karoo International offers modern feather sorting, sizing and warehousing facilities, where up to 350 000 kg of ostrich feathers of all shapes and sizes are processed annually.

About 80% of the world’s quality ostrich feathers are handled by Cape Karoo International. We support community job creation and empowerment projects by utilizing the local community to handle the sorting and sizing of feathers for Cape Karoo International on contract.

Although the ostrich is the largest living bird on earth, it does not fly. Yet, it has the most beautiful and extravagant feathers that are used worldwide for elegant hats, showgirl outfits, fashion accessories, and interior design pieces.

They are majestic in their natural brown-grey, black and white colours, as well as dyed to any bright colour imaginable, we use them to handcraft colourful boas, fringes, ruches, dusters, marabous, shawls, handbags and even hair accessories.

They are also ideal as unique confetti at weddings or other special occasions.

South Africa produces over two billion ostrich feather dusters per year.